About Us

In 2004 we, Mick and Carmel left the UK in search of a change in lifestyle, what we found was the beautiful valley of Sola de Bados in the foothills of the Pyrenees, set between the Alt Emporda, Costa Brava and inland La Garrotxa. Our nearest village is Lladó which is just 6.5km away reached by a rugged mountain track.

After some negotiations we bought land containing a couple of properties in need of repair and some old ruins, which required more than a little attention! We have gone to great lengths restoring all the properties using traditional styles, restoring these ruins required much blood, sweat and tears but we have had many laughs along the way! we have been very lucky to meet some great people and have forged many great relationships. We now enjoy the Catalan way of life, food, siestas and fiestas!

Out and about we have our pet sheep, two goats, chickens and geese and our two dogs. All have been adopted over the years and in the case of the sheep and the goats, hand reared. It is not unusual to see us taking the dogs, sheep and goats for a walk

The location is perfect, tranquil, beautiful mountains, countryside and of course the coast not far away. The valley is the ideal spot for taking it easy or taking the mountains on! the options are there for you to decide! Leisurely walks, or serious climbs, mountain biking, swim in one of the natural pools along the River Manol or just a place to do as little as possible in the peaceful surroundings.

The houses are now all finished and we feel that we have made them very comfortable living spaces.

How It All Started

Restoring Can Petitot was our first challenge, as you can see there was more than a little work to be done.

Restoring Can Salvi, the ruin situated next to Can Petitot was the next most logical step.

Can Bonic is the largest property we have and is where we had been living while restoring the ruins.

Important Information

There is no mains electricity in the valley, the houses run on solar energy, obviously there is a need to be careful but although the solar will not stand high consume electrical items it does allow you to use phone chargers, laptops etc. Heating in the winter months is provided by wood burning stoves. There is access to WIFI at our house nearby.

Having your own transport is beneficial as it allows you to explore the area if you wish to do so. The track to the valley is passable with an ordinary car however some parts are bumpy and we recommend that you have a vehicle with good ground clearance. On the day of arrival we are happy to meet you in the village and show you the way to Sola de Bados

The accommodation is self catering and so you will need to stock up, there are basic supplies in the house, eg. sugar, salt, pepper, etc. The nearest big supermarkets are in Figueres and Banyoles. In the village of Lladó there is a local shop, butchers and chemist. If you don't want to cook all the time there are restaurants, La Plaça and Carlos Antonner.